"Man, that Pink Flamenco is one fine piece of music. Beautifully arranged and executed, with a plethora of exquisitely tasteful and soulful chops. Full of passion, grace and fire!!!"

- Ryan Sparks, Classic Rock Revisited, Sea of Tranquility

"Rightfully clocking in at over seven minutes, 'Pink Flamenco' is a melodic delight. Both the 'acoustic' and 'electric' portions are well-presented, and there's even a time-warp tremolo effect."

- Willie G. Moseley, Senior Writer / Vintage Guitar Magazine

"We recently mastered Roger Filgate’s solo CD [Worlds Within] of some incredible songs. I have always enjoyed working on Roger’s music, as he is not only one of the world’s top guitarists; he is an exceptional writer and engineer. His mixes are some of the best out there and being the one entrusted to master them is truly an honor."

- Gary Fulton, Sonic House Post Productions

"This album [Worlds Within] features a dozen tracks of instrumental guitar-o-licious goodness, enhanced by Filgate’s impressive array of vintage axes and amps. Besides the exemplary guitar playing, you can tell that he had more fun than a kid in a candy factory making this record, and the enthusiasm and joyousness are effectively conveyed to the listener."

- Barry Cleveland, Guitar Player Magazine

"When I listened to Roger Filgate’s new CD Worlds Within, I literally jumped out of my seat. As a person who uses music to score to picture, I am offered a lot of music for potential use. Roger is the only person to come up with the outstanding guitar sounds and real instrumentation. His creativity is unlimited and his engineering is spectacular - he is my real guitar hero!"

- Robert Terence Smith, ABC Studios, N.Y.C.

"Sounds like an army of guitarists at work, not just one. It’s great to hear a record made for guitarists by a guitarist who really knows his craft." 

- John Heidt, Vintage Guitar Magazine

"Filgate fires it up on all cylinders, driving his instrumental music home with much musical passion and ferocity. Few guitarists today can get it so together on such a diverse and powerful instrumental rock album as well as Filgate and the proof is in the grooves of Worlds Within. Well worth the time for fans of Filgate’s rock albums with Wishbone Ash, as well as his recent stint as guitarist in Chubby Checker’s excellent group, World’s Within establishes Filgate as a resourceful music man with a whole lotta tasty guitar moves up his sleeve."

- Robert Silverstein, Music Web Express 3000 (Formerly 20th Century Guitar)

"Worlds Within is a fantastic, multi-dimensional record that incorporates many different styles of music in addition to demonstrating his all-round versatility as a player and songwriter."

- Ryan Sparks, Sea of Tranquility

"Worlds Within is a tasty, high-calorie sampler platter of all the sounds and textures that the guitar has to offer."

- Ryan Roullard, Behringer Inc.


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