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With a few decades of experience under the belt, I teach many different styles of music and all levels of players; from total beginners to accomplished professionals, as well as songwriting (composition & arrangement) and recording (production & engineering) techniques. Lessons are scheduled by the half hour or hourly.

If you live in Fairfield / Litchfield County, CT or Westchester / Duchess County, NY and are interested in lessons or would like more information, contact me by clicking link.


“Roger’s warmth and humility make it easy to forget the enormous talent he possesses, that is, until you’ve heard him play. Taking lessons with him is spending an hour a week with one of the world’s great guitarists. Our lessons move seamlessly from rockabilly to progressive rock, blues to Beethoven; from fingerpicking to hybrid picking; from songwriting to producing and performing. Besides being a phenomenal musician, Roger is the best possible teacher: enthusiastic and supportive, with the ability to pinpoint exactly what you need to learn and how best to achieve it. I’ve made more progress in two years of study with Roger than I'd made in the forty years before.”                                            

- Ben Rosenfeld

“To take guitar lessons from Roger Filgate is to learn more than just technique; it's also musicianship, artistry and sonic expression. For the past decade, Roger has given me a chance to learn my favorite songs through all of my musical phases – from Heavy Metal to Frank Sinatra. He has introduced me to some of my favorite artists and taught me the playing styles of countless genres from Classical to Classic Rock. Yet, beyond learning to play great music, he’s taught me—from writing to recording—how to make my own songs. Roger Filgate has endowed me with the invaluable gift of music. His enthusiasm for guitar is infectious and inspires one to jam from dusk till dawn!”  

- Nick Burns

“Roger’s lessons are the highlight of my week. They are fun and inspiring. He creates a comfortable musical environment that allows for mistakes and growth. By tailoring your lessons through music you enjoy playing, he’s the ultimate teacher!” 

- Dakota 'Koti' Zantay

"Roger makes learning guitar fun!"

- Isaac Fitch (age 71/2)

“First of all, I can say he is a nice guy. As an adult returning to the guitar I have found Roger’s teaching style to be nonjudgmental, flexible, and most of all, fun. I appreciate that he individualizes instruction and moves at my pace and I highly recommend him as a guitar teacher.”

- Judy Stotz


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