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tasty licks!

By truthlover on June 12, 2014

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I found this collection of instrumental recordings to be very imaginative and full of interesting nuances and melodic twists and turns. Unlike ear candy type music that is enjoyable at first but then becomes stale, I found this music to be multidimensional in style and content. The guitarist work is flamboyant without sounding too busy, tasty without being typical. I will definitely order more of Rodger's stuff.

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Electric Guitar Rock Instrumentals

By J E D on 23 Feb. 2014

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If you like the electric guitar played well and original tunes, you may like Progressive Collective.

The Roger Filgate tracks illustrate what an accomplished and original guitarist he is.

Further evidence of his talents can be found on his acclaimed album "Worlds Within".

The Wishbone Ash tracks are instrumental versions of the tracks already released on their "Illuminations" album.

These original tracks contained lyrics as well, however the instrumental versions are still effective rock guitar tracks.

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Total Guitar



This is a must purchase. If you are a fan of the guitar you will not be disappointed. Roger Filgate rocks! There are a couple of slower tunes on here but the guitar work is awesome. I first saw him with Wishbone Ash back in the mid 90's in Danbury CT. A very talented musician. While you’re at it, purchase Blast Room, a band in which Roger was in. That disc is great as well. Keep the music flowing.

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Harrison Brady


by snikasssssss

This is absolutely amazing! Roger Filgate is awesome. Anyone who plays the guitar or enjoys it should seriously get this album.

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by Indianboy101

This guy is amazing!! Not only his technical ability (which he has in excess) but he's soulful too. Great riffs, rich textures, interesting and unique melodies and a broad range of styles that flow seamlessly from one to another really make this an album worth listening too. While his influences are easy to see, his sound is uniquely his own. I get the feeling we'll be hearing a lot more from Roger Filgate!

CD Baby [Letting Go]

by Martyn Jones (yorkieash)

Letting Go / Roger Filgate

Great to see Roger making music in 2010 saw him many times in the 90's playing with Wishbone Ash. this new track is a slow melodic track, nice gtr work all way through, nice little track for my collection, if you like gtr music think you will like this one.

CD Baby [Worlds Within]

by Kristen Burns

This album is awesome. Every track is unique and brilliant. There's a great variety of musical styles. It's like a master class for guitar!

CD Baby [Worlds Within]

by Manny Pavone

Roger Filgate / Worlds Within

Roger has outdone himself on this effort. He was amazing with Wishbone Ash, He was astounding with Cinema, He was great with Blast Room and He will Blow your Mind with Words Within. This is a true testament to the versatility of this wonderful multi-talented musician. Ed [Lange] and Pete [Bennett] really compliment Rogers Guitars in this CD. Roger I hope this album is a huge success for you.

CD Baby [Worlds Within]

by Gary Woodhouse

roger,last see you with wishbone ash you were one of the best i have ever seen, and this album just confirms this. brilliant, when are you coming to play in the uk, regards gary

CD Baby [Blast Room / Rock is Dead]

by Steve A

Holy Shit!!!!...does this CD rock!!!!

Hey all you fans of classic bluesy hard rock with great vocals and killer out and buy this CD asap!!! If your into bands like Badlands and The Scream your going to love this disc. Rob Jackson has one powerful set of lungs...and guitarist Roger Filgate who played in the revamped version of Wishbone Ash a few years back has the riffs to rock your world...and never overplays. I haven't heard one weak track on this album...this is very classic sounding heavy rock with a 70's vibe.

CD Baby [Blast Room / Rock is Dead]

by Kevin Wilkinson Sr

This cd rocks..high energy

Love this cd, classic heavy blues rock. Reminds me of Led Zepplin/AC/DC..a shade of later Yes/Wishbone Ash..but more mature. Great guitar Riffs, Roger Filgate is a great guitarist & I agree with the previous reviewer..Roger doesn't overplay. The rest of the band is hot, talented, very catchy tunes. Another great cd from cd baby.

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Absolutely Incredible


By Amazon Customer on December 28, 2010

Format: Audio CD

One of their best records! And that's saying something from such a great band! This album marked their return to a more classic style-straight out rock music, with the very talented Roger Filgate accompanying founding member Andy Powell on guitar. Excellent collection of songs-my favorites are On Your Own and Top Of the World-and one great album!

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A neglected masterpiece

By Jason Hillenburgon on November 24, 2013

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One of the band's unknown gems, this classic is a stylish, tightly focused effort. The songwriting muscle behind the album, guitarists Andy Powell and Roger Filgate along with bassist/vocalist Tony Kishman, delivered a set of tunes with airy arrangements and precise, melodic guitar work. Highlights include the sophisticated pop of "Top of the World", the progressive rock sweep of "Mountainside", and the wrenching blues guitar workout "Tales of the Wise". Powell and Filgate's styles mesh well together and the band's trademark dual lead guitar work is represented exceptionally well on this release.

CD Universe [Blast Room / Rock is Dead]

Roger Filgate is rocking big time!

By corza

Blast Room with Roger Filgate on guitar is is one of the best power rock bands I have heard in some time. Filgate, a once member of Wishbone Ash, has written all ten tracks and with only one exception every tune is has a balls to the walls pace. If you enjoy the early LedZep/Aerosmith/Montrose style of power rock and roll then this is your fresh dose for 2006. The guitar work is extremely entertaining with alot of changes and good use of effects pedals. If you like the music and style of the bands I listed above you will enjoy this cd, especially while driving around with the windows down this Spring. Rob Jackson is on lead vocals and does a great job on every cut. Sandy Nardone on bass and Chris Tatalias on drums do a great job keeping things moving at a rapid but tight pace. Get this cd!

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Get it now

By Jeff Peterson on October 25, 2001

Format: Audio CD

This is a truly great "live" Wishbone Ash cd. The sound quality and the vocals are perfect and of course, the guitars sing beautifully. The sound quality rivals the best live cd's I have ever heard, great mix and very clear. The performance isn't quite as raucous as some of the older live performances, but it's very tight, professional and has plenty of passion. Just get it and you will love it.



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