I’ve been a big Yes fan ever since I was a kid in the mid-70s. I saw them in concert many times and had the good fortune of crossing paths with some of the band members during my touring years. I’ve also seen Jon perform without Yes on different occasions as well, and his voice has always sounded fantastic live. His committed faith & spirituality play a huge part in the music he creates - thus the deep, trippy lyrical content along with the ethereal structure of his melodies.

Recently, my wife & I went along with a friend of ours to see one of Jon's solo performances during his tour of the Northeast. Fortunately for all of us, there are still quite a few legendary male & female singers out there who have been around as long as he, if not longer, recording and touring, etc. While some still sound great, many of them have had to drop their classic songs down much lower than the original key because they can’t hit the notes anymore. Or they didn’t take care of themselves and their voice is just plain shot. Whether it's aging, alcohol & drugs, or whatever else life throws at you, that’s typically what happens to most singers and it’s completely understandable – I get that.

However, there’s something more at work when Jon Anderson sings. He is 70 now, and somehow sounds exactly the same as he did when he was 30 – maybe even better at times. Same incredibly high vocal range, same clear Angelic tone, AND he doesn’t miss a note! Good genetics?...definitely, he takes care of his voice?…most likely. In his case though, it goes beyond that. Now more than ever, there is a light that emanates from him as he sings. No, I'm not talking about stage lighting, but rather an actual light energy. Having seen him perform on & off for nearly forty years, it's really an amazing thing to witness. Religion aside, people who get what he does and those who are tuned into a high level of spiritual connection understand what I mean and will often say it’s a “gift from God” or he has a “God-given talent”. I'd say that’s exactly what’s at work – I get that, too!



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