It’s both shocking and saddening to hear about, what has now become weekly news, as our most beloved musicians are passing away at an alarming rate. Icons like David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Chris Squire, Maurice White to name a few, and most recently, the one and only Keith Emerson. 

There’s nothing we can do about it, of course, but it brings up the harsh reality for many of us that we’ve truly reached the end of an incredible era in music history. When I think about the number of amazing bands and timeless melodic songs that came out in just the two decades of the 60s & 70s alone, it’s unbelievable. From all around the world, the various forms of pop, rock, r&b, jazz, funk, reggae, folk, dance, country…many of them featured world class, pioneering musicians and writers who had the insight to create their own unique sound, style & look. As well, many of them had the balls to break the rules - making history along the way. We’re talking Real heroes of voice, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, brass, strings, etc., etc.

Like with every decade that came before and after, each has its great artists and moments (and bad ones) that define it. But, those two had the biggest impact on me and will always remain my favorite. Even though I was too young at the time to catch all of it, I’m thankful to have lived through and experienced some of it.

So, as hard as it is to say goodbye to our hero’s, I’d rather say “hats off” to them, and to the greatest and most diverse era of bands and musicians ever. They came and they conquered, they inspired us and enriched our lives, and they left their musical mark on the world for all time.




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